Flexible Roll Up Synthesizer Keyboard Piano


Flexible Roll Up Synthesizer Keyboard Piano with 88 Soft Keys and a loud built-in speaker for simple musical enjoyment.

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Flexible Roll Up Synthesizer Keyboard Piano with 88 Soft Keys and a loud built-in speaker for simple musical enjoyment.

Become the next Mozart with this flexible roll up synthesizer keyboard piano, as it is easy to carry and use, allowing you to practice anywhere for your major performance. With 88 piano keys, 128 different synthesized tones to choose from, 100 different rhythms to play with, as well as 13 demonstration songs that are pre-installed, this portable roll up piano is a great musical instrument that will keep you entertained for hours. It is great for children or people that are on the go as it has been designed so that it can easily be rolled up and carried around.

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At a Glance…

  • Flexible Roll Up Synthesizer Keyboard Piano
  • 88 Keys
  • 128 Different Synthesized Tones
  • 100 Preset Rhythms

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Keys: 88
    • Synthesized Tones: 128
    • Rhythms: 100
    • Demo Songs: 13
    • Output: 500mw
    • Buttons: Power On/Off, Record, Play, Demo, PHY Increase, PHY Decrease, Tone Increase,Tone Decrease, Volume Decrease, Volume Increase
    • Power Source: Power Adapter or 4x AAA 1.5V Batteries (Batteries Not Included)


    • 3.5mm Audio Out Port
    • Power IN
    • MIDI Out
    • Sustain Pedal


    • Main product dimensions: 1244x230x26mm (L x W x D)
    • Main product weight: 1025g
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    Package Contents

    • Keyboard Piano
    • User Manual (Product Specific)
    • Power Adapter (Product Specific)
    • Power Cable (Product Specific)

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