Laser Engraver Printer NEJE DK – BL


Laser Engraver Printer ideal for hobbyists can be used with wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, metal, and plenty of other materials.

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Key Features…

  • High precision laser engraver for hobbyists and artists
  • Engrave images in hard wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, and plenty of other materials
  • Can be used with majority of Windows systems, iOS, and Android
  • 6000mAh battery allows you to use it offline and without external power supply

Laser Engraver Printer

The NEJE DK Laser Engraver Printer is a great electronic gadget for all hobbyists and artists out there that wish to add a personal touch to their latest projects. Featuring a small, lightweight, and compact design Š—– this laser engraver can easily be carried around and placed in virtually any working place. It can be used with the majority of Windows systems, Android, and features an App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users Š—– making it compatible with almost every device out there. Simply use the dedicated software to insert an image, and this beautiful laser printer will automatically engrave it into any object with high precision.

Featuring a powerful built-in 6000mAh battery, this laser engraver printer can be used anywhere without the need of an external power supply or internet connection. Packing enough power for 3 hours of continuous printing time Š—– youŠ—Èll be able to engage in plenty of engraving projects without needing to worry about running out of juice. Simply sync the laser engraver with your PC, tablet, or smartphone, use the dedicated software, and youŠ—Èll be all set to engrave your favorite images or signature into any material. Thanks to its high power that allows the laser to reach up to 500 Degrees Celsius, this engraver can be used effortlessly with wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, and plenty of other materials.

The laser engraver printer is capable of engraving images with a size up to 550×550 pixels and can handle designs measuring 42x 42x 78mm. It furthermore features smart software and power cut memory, ensuring that Š—– in case the power fails Š—– the printer will continue its previous project at the place it stopped before. With its wide scope of applications, youŠ—Èll be able to use this cool gadget for image engraving, depth engraving, and plenty for other purposes. Bringing along high precision and great detail, the NEJE DK Laser Engraver Printer is a tool that comes with countless of possibilities Š—– making it perfect for workers, hobbyists, and artists.

This Laser Engraver Printer comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets. Manufacturer Specifications


    • Frame material: Acrylic + Aluminum + Stainless Steel
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • Machine Power´?? 1500mW
    • Input´?? One USB(5V 1A or 2A)
    • Carving Space: 42 x 42 x 78 mm
    • Suitable for Engraving: Hard Wood, Plastic, Bamboo, Rubber, Leather, Paper
    • Image Size: 550×550 pixelsξ
    • Engrave Mode´?? Bitmap carving
    • Laser Wavelength: 405nmξ
    • Temperature´?? 500 degree celsius
    • DPI: 350dpi
    • Supported image formats: JPEG, BMP (24 bit only), TIFF, PNG(32 bit or less ), PCX(8 bit and 24 bit RLE), PCD
    • Support Software´?? NEJEξ Laser Carver
    • Supporting OS´?? XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, ios 9.0 and above, android 4.0 and above.
    • Laser can replace: YES
    • Every work time: less than 1 hour
    • Laser Warranty time: 3 month
    • Battery capacity: 6000mAh polymer li-ion battery
    • Battery Working Time: up to 3 hours
    • Power cut memory function

    Languages (software)

    • ξEnglish, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese


    • Main Product Dimensions: 157x 146x 193mm (L x W x D)
    • Main Product Weight: 1124g
    • Weight/dimension is for the main item of this boxed product, to help you compare product sizes before buying: please do not base your shipping calculations on this price – shipping prices depend on your cart contents, shipping destination, and shipping method: please use the checkout to select options and preview shipping price for your total order.

    Package Contents

    • Engraving Machine
    • Laser Protective Glasses
    • Tool
    • USB Cable
    • User Manual

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    • Orders processed and shipped within 1 Working Day
    • 12 month warranty
    • In-house QC
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    • Worldwide Shipping
    • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

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